Teaching Philosophy

John Macomber

Why I teach

As an instructor, I encourage my students to pursue lifelong learning and prepare them for research beyond the classroom. Through my lectures, I teach my students how to use various academic tools and incorporate these tools into their work to become better researchers.

Collaborative Journey

Understanding the needs of students and the obstacles they face in their life is imperative in assisting them with their success. To ensure academic success there are various factors that must be taken into consideration. Dedication is key. My dedication is to improve student learning by bringing innovation through teaching with pedagogy philosophy and commitment. We are growing together on a mutual path towards continual higher education, seeking and finding the answers together. I’ve had students from all walks of life and there’s one common denominator, their desire to improve their lives and to seek out information. This is what drives me. This is why I became a librarian, to be able to supply the answers to the most challenging questions and to ease the fears and insecurities that students inevitably face on their journey to enlightenment and attaining their personal goals.

In online classrooms, I make it my mission to bring the experience of a traditional course to the online environment. This pursuit is the subject of my Doctorate in Education. This is my goal, to continuously bridge the gap that exists between brick-and-mortar courses and online courses. Developing their education through strong leadership has been my top priority and has led me towards further study as I finish my own degree. My students have many factors in their lives that can have a direct effect on their education, they are mothers, fathers, parents, husbands, and wives. It is my job as a librarian and instructor, to help them navigate through life challenges by understanding their needs, which is understanding and being an academic advocate, advisor, and instructor.

My Purpose as an Instructor

By starting in the professional field of librarianship, I have been able to incorporate Library Science studies into my teaching ability.

Teaching Style

My teaching style is to act as a guide and facilitator, to lead my students through their coursework, by helping them along the way. Every student that enters my classroom has a unique learning style that works for them, to which I learn to adapt to throughout the semester. Dictating a lecture will not instill or encourage growth. But keeping an open mind and listening to my students will. Using this style I continue to see real progress that is measurable by course completion. This measurable progress is easily found within the bulleted research notes required in assignments, the type of emails they send back to me, and reflection in their class blogs and discussion boards. As a mentor and instructor, I encourage communication with them throughout the week. I am always open to my students and welcome questions, as many students might have the same question.

My teaching style incorporates diversity while implementing different teaching methodologies and techniques. I am a very visual instructor and while teaching online and hybrid classes, I feel it is necessary to include a step by step visual processes students can easily follow. I also let my students pick their topic they are interested in through the research process to encourage active engagement. I am an instructor that is actively engaged in his student’s academic well-being, which increases their chances for academic success. Students make connections through their work with the resources I provide each week.

As an instructor, I have designed informational literacy materials and curriculum for student learning, at the 2 years and 4 year level in higher education. My background as a historian, technologist, and librarian has come into play while designing and building course materials for the students I teach.

As an instructor I know how to get the best out of my students, helping them to realize their full potential in their work. All students need is the right direction and motivation from me and letting them research their desired careers helped me to do this.

Understanding Diversity

thank you

Through my commitment to diversity and years of working in lower socioeconomic environments, I decided to become part of the shared governance committees at Barstow Community College. This has given me further insight into the understanding of diversity while attending workshops to gain a better knowledge of the various socioeconomic backgrounds of students and the key factors that impact student success. It is my duty to understand these factors so students can achieve their ultimate goals no matter what their socioeconomic background may be. All students come to colleges to further their careers and personal goals, and it is my job as an educator to assist them in this endeavor.

How do I measure my effectiveness as an instructor?

I am fortunate that the institutions I have worked for have provided instructor feedback through student evaluations of my performance. While lecturing I can also self-evaluate my work based on the level of work returned to me by the students. The level and quality of my lectures are continuously enhanced based on the student questions I receive each week.

Pre and Post assessment tests in my class let me know how students have improved in my class and I can watch them walk out of my class knowing they have learned how to effectively research like an academic for their next course. They have acquired a new body of knowledge that will help them not only in their future courses but through their career. I have achieved my mission in teaching them to search online like a librarian finding information at a faster rate and knowing how to review sites for accuracy and reliability. After passing my class students can write several different types of academic papers and have been taught how to academically cite information. With this information, I have advanced my students to the next stage of their academic journey.

I am grateful for the feedback from the students a semester or so later, thanking me for the lessons that they have learned and later applied in their lives on multiple levels. These testimonies validate my pedagogical philosophy and related ideas for educating students in a global community where they can become agents of transformative change, not only for themselves but also for the community at large.

Courses I would love to teach

I am interested in expanding my love of Liberal Arts and technology as I incorporate these subjects into the materials I teach.

My Future as an instructor

In conclusion, my goal as a teacher is to instill a passion for education in the hopes of building lifelong learners. Providing my students with the right support, encouragement, and environment to make their experience on campus and in my class, a positive one is my ultimate goal. I look forward to future teaching opportunities and being able to share my abilities with my future employers in Higher Education





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