My Grandparents – Kenneth & Polly Macomber, 1930′s

Since this blog is about me I wanted to add information about the work I have done in locating my family history. SO… where does the GEN fit into the moniker of LIBGENTECH?

While the pursuit of this knowledge may seem unrelated to my academic work, the ability to find and cite information for genealogy is what made me a better student in higher education and later part of my ability to become academic research instructor. The first classes I ever taught were genealogy classes at libraries and local genealogy and history associations. Embracing a topic I knew well helped me become an instructor and set me on my path to teaching. Since starting this hobby after high school in 2001 I have learned alot about internet research and browsing which is a natural part of the hobby especially for the online genealogist. This is why this hobby of mine, this detective hunt through history and a great choice for any researcher, became a natural part of my becoming a University Research Instructor.

Through a trip to the Midwest, libraries, volunteering and help through the L.D.S. church, I have been able to find a lot of information about my family history.

Early Trips

2002 – The Mecca for Genealogists – A trip to Salt Lake City. Family history center and library! This solidified my interest in the topic a year after I started.

2006 – My dad and I took a trip to the Midwest. Illinois Trip.
Stephenson County, Illinois is where the Macomber family is from.

My Descent

German, Irish, Scottish, English, French Canadian.

Family History sites:

My Findagrave Contributor Page

Stephenson County Genealogy Trails – Posted quite a bit to this website. – Where would I be without this?


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