John Akins, Librarian, (Retired), Victor Valley College, Victorville, CA (MAY 2015)


leading developmentleading professional development breakout session.
Brandman University Professional Development day, March 3, 2018, Ontario, CA.

Student Feedback from LBSU 304-OL6 Liberal Arts Core Foundations (Online)
Spring II, Brandman University, – Mar-Apr 2018

“Mr. Mac, seriously, your course is intense, No Joke!” – Discussion board comment

“A well-organized class that pushed me to think and allowed me to express my ideas.
He knows his Literature.”

“He has given the student the opportunity to shed their skin on their own with support if needed to become an educated individual. Liberal Studies got me out of my box. It gave me the capacity to stretch.”
“I enjoyed Professor Macomber or “Mr.Mac”. He challenged my thinking with lots of readings. He was also easy to correspond with. I felt like he wanted us to learn and provided examples of what he was looking for. Enjoyed his class!”
“My professor did an amazing job with helping explain the material in more depth to better help myself, and possibly other students.”

“Mr. Mac is the best instructor I have had so far and conveys continued genuine encouragement and concern for his students. He occasionally shares aspects of his own experiences as they relate to various assignments we have and offers a very down-to-earth perspective when engaging with students.”

“I enjoyed this class.”

“Take Mr. Mac, he will put a lot on your plate. It’s up to you how much you want to indulge in.”

Student Feedback from LBSU 304-OL2 Liberal Arts Core Foundations (Online)
Spring 1, Brandman University, – Jan – Mar 2018

“Mr.Macomber was very helpful when I had questions, and replied quickly.”

“Great topics discussed and gave good insight regarding writing and references.”

“My instructor was professional and provided me with a great learning experience Professor Macomber was professional and encouraging, but the only gripe I have is that our assignments were not graded or assessed as quickly as some might like. It’s nice to have graded work to go by when submitting new work. Also, there is a lot of reading and videos each week which can be tough to keep up with. Other than that, this class was informative.”

“Yes, I would recommend this instructor to another student because Professor Mac made the class interesting with all the readings and video clippings he chose.”

“The assignments were very creative, and thought-provoking in a way that made me use my imagination to create original works I didn’t think were possible.”

Student Feedback from LBSU 302-OL6 Information Fluency & Academic Integrity (Online) Spring 1, Brandman University, – Jan – Mar 2018

“Mr. Mac was a good instructor and met my needs for this course.”

“Helpful and good feedback.”

“He was informative and he would help if we had any questions.”

“Quick response when you email him a question and provides clarity.”

“Mr.Mac was very helpful when I had questions. He responded in a timely manner and always let us know what was expected. He also gave feedback after every assignment.”

“Mr. Mac was thorough in his instructions throughout the class and clarified assignments when it was needed.”

“The class was very detailed and utilized both video and written applications. The instructor was very efficient and presented material in a fluid and consistent manner, and also made adjustments as necessary.”

“The instructor was always available to help any student requesting so or ensured all assignments were clearly stated. He made it easy to succeed in this class without any learning or instructor barriers. I would definitely recommend this class with this instructor for any and all future students requiring this class.”

“The instructor was very good. He knew what he was doing and his instructions were very clear.  Overall this instructor has been the best I have had. He took the time to ensure that I knew everything I was supposed to and to me that is very important. Give him a raise.”

“This instructor was very helpful and made the class a lot easier. I would definitely recommend him.”

“This class was very straightforward and beneficial as a building block for future classes and research.”

“The instructor was always available to help any student requesting so or ensured all assignments were clearly stated. He made it easy to succeed in this class without any learning or instructor barriers. I would definitely recommend this class with this instructor for any and all future students requiring this class.”

“Very knowledgeable instructor and provided in-depth details when grading assignments that helped to correct future mistakes.”

“Good course for learning the basics of researching.”

“Great feedback on our grading.”

Student Feedback from LBSU 304 Liberal Arts Core Foundations (Online)
Fall II, Brandman University, – Oct – Dec 2017

“Yes, I would recommend this instructor, Just need to provide more examples of the type assignment needed.”

“Kept us all motivated and made sure we all interacted with each other in a professional manner. I was a little worried about taking this course online, as Liberal Arts have been a class I usually prefer to take in class, but my instructor made it a non-stressful course. I was provided with plenty of information on work and assignments. I really enjoyed this course.”

“The readings in this course were A+. They covered a wide range of subjects and covered a span of history that made them interesting and also gave the reader a perspective of life in the United States. Prof. Macomber was interested in getting the student to read and think about what he read in a critical way. He did not push the reader to evaluate materials in a particular way. I felt his history background contributed to the quality of reading selection.”

“Great readings designed to encourage independent thinking and provide a historical background for what is currently happening in our country. I feel enriched by the course.”

“I think this course should be mandatory many people could benefit from this class.”

Student Feedback from LBSU 302 Information Fluency and Academic Integrity (Hybrid) Spring 1, Brandman University, – Jan – Mar 2017


“He provided support even for my other class.  If I needed something cleared up or how I should approach something he was helpful.  Just asking how I was doing and how was my classes going, I thought was really cool.”

“Awesome instructor! Genuinely, cares about you learning the material and helping you with your future classes. I would highly recommend him to any student needing LBSU 302”

“Great professor”

Professional Development Day, Brandman University Adjunct Instructors, March 2017.
(“Mr. Mac” is the tall one the left)

Student Feedback from LBSU 302 Information Fluency and Academic Integrity (Online)
 1, Brandman University, – Aug – Oct 2016 

Student Feedback from LBSU 302 Information Fluency and Academic Integrity (Hybrid) Fall 1, Brandman University, – Aug – Oct 2016 

“I would absolutely recommend this class to another student. Actually, I would recommend that every Brandman University student take this class at the beginning. This class has been beyond helpful in learning about technology, research, citing, and many other things that are going to be helpful for future classes. I am very glad I took this course.”
“Fantastic teacher! Very knowledgeable”


“Mr. Mac has been extremely helpful and thorough throughout this course. He made the class fun and educational and i think he does a great job of covering every aspect of the subject. I enjoyed learning all that we learned in his class.”
“Mr. Mac was an amazing instructor.  Always made sure we understand what was being asked of us and would help or reexplain as needed.  Wish he was teaching my next class!”


“I thought the instructor did a great job explaining all of the course material. It is beneficial to have this be a blended class.”


“This was a very useful class to take right away for future help with other classes and papers.”



Both faculty and staff members gathered at the Ontario campus for professional development on May 14, 2016.
(Mr. Mac at far right next to the Brandman sign)
Student Feedback from LBSU 302 Information Fluency and Academic Integrity (Online) Summer 1, Brandman University, – Jan – Mar 2016 

“Mr. Mac is a great teacher! He is very thorough in assignment explanation. He also posts weekly announcements giving tips and ideas for each assignment. We had to create a blog, which was a first for me. His instructions made it very easy. He graded all assignments in a timely manner and offered positive and constructive feedback.”


“He was organized and the structure of the class was built in a way that you came to predict fairly accurately what was expected of you and when things were likely to be due. Predictability was a huge anxiety reducer.”
“This was my first semester here at Brandman and each time I had a question the response of the instructor was almost immediate. Wonderful instructor, and was easy to understand through communication and guidelines.”

“The professor gave great step-by-step instructions to easily allow me to find the necessary sources for the week even if the requirements for the week sometimes were a little more blurry.”


“The professor was very helpful and was prepared to handle all the class needs.  Great feedback also”


“Only for students that need to take this class for their other classes or ones that require research”


“He was nice and helpful when I was having a difficult time completing a task the first week.”


“Mr. Mac took a proactive approach to lead us in the right direction before panic set in.  Most often, he provided a detailed explanation or “how to” in order to guide us in the right direction when beginning assignments.  This was very helpful.  He anticipated the questions and need to clarify beforehand.  I appreciated that!”


“This course is a “must take” for any college student. I wish it was the first class I took at Brandman. It teaches you how to research in so many ways, and how to properly cite. This class is going to make all of my future classes much easier.”

“Great instructor.  This class honestly should be taken when you begin the college path.  I have one class left and feel this would have been helpful in my first 2 years of college.”

Student Feedback from LBSU 302 Information Fluency and Academic Integrity (Online)
 Summer 1, Brandman University, – May – July 2015 

“This course is essential to all students and would be best to take at the beginning of classes because the important information that is learned in this course will not only follow you through your academic career but also the rest of your life.  Excellent class.”

“The professor was quick to offer help when asked and understood the difficulties of students with mental disabilities.”

“The teacher is knowledgeable on how to use the different sites to get legitimate information to do research.”

“Polite, professional, helpful”

“Very thorough and helpful.”

“The instructor is very knowledgeable and does interact with the students through the grade center with notes.  I was spoiled with a previous professor that was very engaged with the students on a daily basis in blackboard, I liked that a lot.  In my opinion, Professor Macomber did everything correctly and was very involved and fair. I truly have enjoyed every aspect of this class and would recommend it to everyone.”

Student Feedback from LBSU 302 Information Fluency and Academic Integrity (Online) Spring 2, Brandman University, – March-May 2015

“Great course!! I used what I learned in this class in other classes I was taking, and will apply my knowledge gained from this class in future coursework, and everyday life. Amazing professor! Very clear on assignments/requirements.”

“I don’t have anything negative to say about my instructor and so I would recommend this instructor to another student.”

“I really enjoyed this course.  This course allowed me to use new strategies when it comes to research.  Thank you”

“Overall great course.  There were a few lectures and readings that had links that didn’t work.  At the beginning of the course I let the instructor know that the pages in the reading assignments didn’t match the book.  The content was written on an older version of the book.  He quickly made that correction.  The links in all the readings should be tested to make sure they are current and working.”

“Professor Macomber was very helpful and graded work in a timely manner!”

Student Feedback from LBSU 302 Information Fluency and Academic Integrity (Hybrid) Spring 2, Brandman University, – March  May 2015

Mr. Mac is an awesome teacher. The class was very informative.  I would like to take more classes from him in the future. He made the class interesting!  I learned a lot of skills that I will be using in the future.  Thank you!”

“Mr. Macomber is great. He is easy to listen to, does not drag things out, provides information clearly, is flexible and makes himself easily accessible for students that may need extra help.”

“The professor did a great job explaining every lesson, making homework and assignments easy to do and comprehend.”

“Mr. Mac is a very excellent teacher and I learned a lot from his class.”

“Great instructor.  Sure knows what he’s talking about.”

“He always let the class know he was available if we had any questions.”

“Thank you for this class, my experience was a positive one!”

“Would definitely recommend the instructor in future”


Student Feedback from LBSU 302 Information Fluency and Academic Integrity (Online)
Fall 2, Brandman University, – October December 2014


“Great professor! Lots of work and not easy but connects with you on a daily basis AND also really reads your assignments you submit and REALLY does respond in the notes sections that are provided. It made me feel great! Learned a lot from this class! Thank you!”


“I was able to do the work required without further explanation from the instructor.  The assignments were clear and also examples were provided which made it easy to understand the assignment more thoroughly.”


“He was a great instructor and explained the assignments in great detail. I feel I have learned a lot from this course that will benefit me in the future.”
“Mr. Macomber brought pertinent information to the course.  He offered great insight and samples to work from.”


“Less pages of directions if possible. But might be hard for decreasing any information. On each week giving an example of what needs to be submitted would have been nice! Overall no complaints and great Professor! “

Student Feedback from LBSU 302 Information Fluency and Academic Integrity (Hybrid)
Fall 2, Brandman University, – October-December, 2014

“The instructor for this class was excellent and patient.  I had no experience with the use of computers and he helped me all the way and never became frustrated with me…i really appreciated him for that.”
“The instructor is knowledgeable and teaches the class well. “
“I really learned a lot about doing research that I did not know.  That will make it easier to do term papers for other classes.”


Student Feedback from LBSU 302 Information Fluency and Academic Integrity (Hybrid)
Spring 2, Brandman University, – March-June, 2014

“I would highly recommend Mr. Mac as an instructor to any upcoming student.  I have learned so much in this class, I am glad I got this chance to learn Mr. Mac overall skills. I can now apply it in my own researching.  I learned that are very many different ways to research information, from a lot of different resources.  I did not know a lot before this class, and now I feel comfortable knowing I can do it independently.”

“The Instructor answered all course related material questions in a timely.  His dedication to the course and students was strongly reinforced with hands-on and visual aids.  The instructor is very dedicated to course material and student understanding.  The instructor provided positive and guided feedback.”


“This class is a course that should be taken when we first get started at Brandman and not when we are almost done, because it would make taking all the rest of our courses at the Universities easy. “


“The instructor was helpful and clear in the instructions of the class. Assignments were graded on time and with instructions on how to improve in a positive manner.”


“I would highly recommend that Brandman University keeps Mr. Mac.  I believe that he is a great asset to this University.  Mr. Mac is very professional and a very great instructor.  I am thankful I got to learn what he knows very well.  It would be a pleasure to have Mr. Mac again in the future.  Thank you again, Mr. Mac.”


“Mr Macomber instructed the class fairly and graded the work in a timely manner so when the next assignment was due and an understanding of what was needed to correct mistakes made on last assignment. This instructor was one of the best here at Brandman that I have experienced.”


“I really enjoyed this class because the course content along with the teachers enthusiasm help me meet the goal of its content which was backed up by providing adequate, reliable, and professional computer and research literate skills. Great course and wonderful Instructor.”

Student Feedback from LBSU 302 Information Fluency and Academic Integrity (Hybrid)
Fall 2, Brandman University, – Oct-Dec, 2013

“This class was very informative and is useful when researching for a project or writing a paper. During this course, we were able to find different websites to locate information instead of just using Google. I have also learned how to use the Leatherby Library correctly.”

“Mr. Macomber was very knowledgeable of the information in the class. He was very professional and helpful, as well as very quick in his responses and help outside of classroom hours.”

“I found Mr. Mac to be very knowledgeable in the content of the course, helpful, and friendly. I enjoyed interacting with him and his instruction.”

“He was very knowledgeable in the coursework that he was presenting, and facilitated an interesting and adventurous learning environment.”

“This instructor gave so much information that I never knew about. This has helped me during this class but for future classes also.”

“He knows very well the subject that he is teaching”

“There was a lot of useful information.”

“Mr. Macomber kept the class interesting and informative. He was able to keep me interested in the material and explained everything thoroughly. I enjoyed taking this class.”

“This course was really useful for me when writing future research papers. The instructor was very helpful as well.”

thank you


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