John Macomber, MLIS

Situated in San Bernardino County, I teach for Brandman University and work as a library technician for Barstow Community College. I created this blog to showcase my work for future employment in the field of higher education.  I decided on title libgentech to address several titles… Academic Instructor and Librarian, husband, father, tutor, genealogist.

I am currently working on my dissertation for my Doctorate in Education from Capella University  having finished all my classes. I graduated from San Jose State University with my Masters in Library and Information Science and have a Bachelor’s in History from Cal State San Bernardino.


Librarian Generational Technologist!

I have repurposed my original online moniker “libgentech librarian genealogist technician” to refit my passion for teaching and technology. When I first started as a librarian my passion was in archives where I thought I would end up but along the way I have found a new focus teaching. I love leading students in higher education and for this reason my libgentech moniker has been reformatted.


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Infographic Resume:

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